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Language is one of the prime properties distinguishing us as humans from other species. But if this is the case, what is so special about language? How did language emerge? And why did it emerge? What did the first stages of its emergence look like? And where do we find empirical evidence about the emergence of language?

Language evolution research is broad and interdisciplinary, and serious interest in the topic has increased considerably in the last two decades. Researchers in the different branches of linguistics have shown an interest in the origins of language, and of the researchers working at the UiL OTS, quite some have published papers on the topic.

This series of meetings has as a goal to bring together those who are interested in language evolution, to exchange their knowledge and ideas. All meetings are open to anyone (staff/PhD students/Master students) interested in language origins. The series offers a chance to sit in on state of the art lectures and to participate in interdisciplinary discussions on a fascinating topic.


If you would like to be added to the mailing list, or if you have any questions, please contact Marieke Schouwstra (M[dot]Schouwstra[at]uu[dot]nl).