Lecture by Riny Huijbregts on February 12th

The next Origins of Language talk will be by Riny Huijbregts and its title is: Where is language in evolution of language? Problems which help is needed to solve!

 What are the alledged successes? Focus is overwhelmingly on use of language, and specific proposals for deriving or denying hierarchy (“merge”) are failed attempts for principled reasons: they deny the existence of language.

Date: February 12, 17:15 – 19:00

Location: Drift 23, room 0.20

NB Please note that the room will be open from 17:00, and this time we will start at 17:15 sharp, so that there will be sufficient time for discussion after the talk.

Discussion session chaired by Johan Bolhuis on January 22nd

On January 22nd we will discuss an exciting new paper, to be published soon in Trends in Cognitive Science: Evolution, brain, and the nature of language, by Robert C. Berwick, Angela D. Friederici, Noam Chomsky, and Johan J. Bolhuis

The session will be introduced and chaired by Johan Bolhuis. 

Date & time: Jan 22nd, 17:15 – 19:00

Venue: Venue: Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, Stijlkamer van Ravesteyn (room 1.06)

The article is available via:


If, for some reason, you cannot access the article (it should be accessible from within the UU network), please send an e-mail to Marieke Schouwstra. 

The slides of the previous meeting (Eric Reuland’s talk on language and imagination) can be found here

Introductory meeting on December 18th

The first regular origins of language research meeting will take place on December 18th, 17:15-19:00. During this meeting, the researchers involved will introduce themselves by telling something about their research and its connection to the language evolution debate.

Date: December 18th, 17:15-19:00

Venue: Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, Stijlkamer van Ravesteyn (room 1.06)

Short presentations by

  • Martin Everaert (UiL OTS)
  • Jan Odijk (UiL OTS)
  • Riny Huijbregts (UiL OTS)
  • Johan Bolhuis (Biology)
  • Sanne Moorman (Biology)
  • Marieke Schouwstra (UiL OTS)

The meetings are open to anyone who is interested in the origins of language. Check the link meeting dates to see the dates of future meetings.